September 3, 2018

CMRE Church

The CMRE Church was founded in 1887 in West Philly, as the "Theological Seminary of the Reformed Episcopal Church", its chartered and legal name. The seminary was established based on the pledge of a trust created by Harriet Benson in March, 1886. The corner stone for the first building to house the seminary was laid on September 19 of that same year. The seminary began meeting for classes in 1886 under the tutelage of Bishop William Nicholson in his residence. It officially opened the doors to its first class of students on September 30, 1887, in its new building as the seminary of the Reformed Episcopal Church, after the trust was received on March 16, 1887.
The future of Christ Memorial has been in doubt for years, at least since the church’s 170-foot-high steeple collapsed during an intense storm in 2004.
In 2018 A demolition permit has been issued for the CMRE Church. Now it's waiting for it's fate wit the wrecking ball.





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