The photographs and information on this site is solely for historic and enjoyment purposes only. Neither AbandonedNY, nor any of its affiliates, will be held liable for your arrest, injury, or death while at any of these locations.
Many sites here are private property and are patrolled by private security, and local, state, and Mental Health police, who may be armed and have the power of arrest! You are subject to fines and/or arrest if you are caught trespassing on these grounds. Many semi-active location security forces will confiscate your film/camera in regards to patient privacy. Please cooperate with security on grounds, they are just doing their job, and that should be respected.
These places are neglected and very dangerous; beware of collapsing structure, asbestos, lead, tetanus and toxic molds.
Some locations are not revealed to protect the integrity of the site and it's owner(s). Please do not contact me about directions to locations, hidden location names, or how to enter any of the properties.

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