August 14, 2012

Retreat House

Benedictine Monks Retreat House was founded in 1924 under the leadership of Father Heinlein, a monk of the German Arch abbey of St.Ottilien. The major purpose of this foundation was to recruit and train American men to help carry out the monastic and missionary traditions of the Congregation of St.Ottilien. The foundation was placed under the patronage of Therese of Lisieux, and known as Little Flower Monastery. The monastery developed rapidly, becoming a simple priory in 1928 and a Conventual Priory in 1936. Father Michael served as superior of the monastery for seventeen years. In 1947 Father Coriston was elected first Abbot of Benedictine Monks Retreat House. He served as abbot until 1966 when Father Hinches was appointed prior-administrator. In 1970 Father Augustine was elected as the second, and present, Abbot of the community. The work of the community of Benedictine Monks Retreat House has varied over the years, and continues to change. The major concerns of the young foundation in the 1920's was agriculture and developing community life in the Spirit. Later a minor seminary was established and operated for over 30 years. Today the monks are engaged in a variety of activities. Several monks also teach or work at other activities in different schools in the area. Helping in local parishes on weekends, hospital work, the care of guests, and a myriad of other jobs keep the members of the community actively involved. Several monks of the community have been serving in the missions in East and South Africa. 





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