August 20, 2012

Hotel Levbourne

The Arabian Nights Hotel

Carrie Komito ran the Hotel Aladdin until 1998. Then in Her Nineties, She recalls that her parents after 10 years as guests at the Hotel Levbourne, Bought the Resort. In the 1950's, to make the hotel seem fresher, the family changed the hotel's name to the Aladdin. When they built a nightclub, they named it the Ali Baba Room, Naturally. The international-style facade transformed the appearance of the 1st floor of the building on the left. The upper floors were not change at all. As the Hotel Business soured, Carrie Komito moved many bungalows onto her property and rented them to "Snowbirds" or Floridians . The Hotel later was transformed into an Orthodox Jewish Resort Cooperative. Between May of 2009 and June of 2012 the Aladdin suffered from a few Fires.





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