August 23, 2012

Newark Street Jail

Newark Street Jail 
 In Newark stands the rapidly deteriorating symbol of a bygone era. The Old Essex County Jail Complex, also known as the Newark Street Jail, is the county's oldest public building. It was built 1837 along the banks of the newly constructed Morris Canal to house both county and city lawbreakers.
Original plan for the Essex County Jail called for a two-story square building along New Street, with a wing of cells along Wilsey Street. Both were built using brick and local brownstone. They were placed on an acre and a half of property situated in an almost campus like setting.
Today the Essex County Jail remains abandoned and derelict, home to only the occasional drug dealer or vagrant. Although it was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1991, no efforts have been made to preserve it. Essex County seems to be practicing "demolition by neglect," or in other words, waiting for the remaining structures to burn or collapse so they can redevelop the site. Even in its present state, however, one can be still be drawn to the unique and picturesque 19th century buildings in the middle of a modern 21st century city.

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