February 28, 2021

The Motel (2018)

 The abandoned Motel in Catskills, New York. Its fading ghost sign beckons you back to another era. The motel is located on the former site of the Lasso House, a popular boarding house, which was constructed in 1876 by Myers. Myers was born in Middletown in 1848 and moved to the mountains around 1864 to work with his uncle in the harness maker’s trade. Around 1876 Myers gave up the harness trade to purchase a farm just south of the village on which he built his popular boarding house. In 1898 the Lasso House advertised itself as being “among Shawangunk Mountains, beautifully situated on a high elevation; near the village; accommodates 50 people; pure spring water, bath and sanitary closets.” In other advertisements, highlights included “well ventilated; raise our own vegetables; good fishing; cottage located on summit of hill, overlooking valley; beautiful surroundings; abundant shade; good livery connected with house; convenient to post and telegraph offices; plenty of milk and eggs.” In 1892, the cost to stay at the Lasso House was $7 to $10 per week, with the transient rate at $1.50 per day.

Around 1921 Myers sold the property, which was then resold many times over the years and eventually became home to the Lasso Motel. Although long abandoned, the 8-acre Lasso Motel property, along with two buildings with 43 motel rooms, was recently advertised for sale.


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