October 30, 2012

Nathaniel White, "The Tale of an Abandoned Farmhouse and a Serial Killer"

Nathaniel White is a serial killer from Upstate New York during the early 1990s.
The Killings: White confessed to beating and stabbing six women to death while on parole. He claimed to have found inspiration for his first murder while watching "Robocop 2". This first killing took place on March 25, 1991 after White had been convicted of abducting a 16 Year Old Girl, but before he started his prison sentence and police did not make the connection at the time. In a plea bargain that would later be heavily criticized, White had pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor for the abduction and would therefore be eligible for parole after just one year. White was paroled in April 1992 and returned to Orange County, New York. White's first victim was the young niece of his girlfriend, whom he killed at the end of June, and he killed four others during the month of July.

 The New York State Police began investigating on July 30th 1992, after the body of Adriane Hunter was found and authorities began to suspect it was related to the earlier disappearances and murders. On August 2, White was arrested. White confessed and led police to his dumping ground in Goshen on August 4 1992. White was arraigned by a grand jury on August 7 for the murder of Christine Klebbe. On September 9, the other five murders were added to the indictment. White was charged with six counts of second degree murder and pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. White was convicted on all counts on April 14, 1993 and sentenced to 150 years to life.

The Tale of an Abandoned Farmhouse and a Serial Killer






The bodies of Hopkins and Whiteside were discovered in this house on Harriman Drive in Goshen.

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